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The saddest and grimmest of all details concerning Gia Allemand 's death have been revealed by police. News from the New Orleans Police Department. Anderson, who plays for the NBA's newly renamed New Orleans Pelicans, said that he took her to a Walgreens to buy several items, including Nyquil cough syrup, before dropping her off at her apartment at around 6 p.

Before she got out of the car, the report continues, Allemand told him that she still loved him, to which he said he replied, "I don't love you anymore.

Anderson went home, he said, and at p.

Official Statement of Dr Bilal Philips on his arrest in Philippines

The athlete told police that he arrived at Allemand's house 20 minutes later, opened the door with his key and found her unconscious but in a sitting position on the second step of a spiral staircase near her front door, a vacuum cleaner cord "wrapped around her neck many times," the report states.

The report continued: "Anderson stated that he frantically unwrapped the cord" from around her neck, she was "not responsive" and he stated that he "began yelling for help. Allemand on the floor near the door. Snow told Officers Daniel M. Oquendo and Robert Fuller, who first responded to the scene and filled out the incident report, that she then called Per the report, Oquendo then called for a crime lab and a homicide detective, the latter of whom surveyed the scene and advised that he saw no signs of foul play in the apartment.

The officers stated that they found a handwritten note lying on the dining room table that read, "Mom gets everything.

At University Hospital, where Allemand was taken by ambulance, a Dr. Jones told Oquendo and Fuller that she was "technically still alive," but on life support and being given drugs to keep her blood pressure at a life-sustaining level.

Her prognosis was "grim," the doctor reportedly said, and it was estimated that she had been deprived of oxygen for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. At least 50 people gathered along the banks of the Mississippi River to share memories and prayers and toss white flowers in the water.

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Bilal (American singer)

He died inat the age of Bilal ibn Rabah was born in Mecca in the Hejaz in the year Before that tragedy occurred, Bilal was living a calm life alongside his mother and young sister. Being born into slavery, Bilal had no other option but to work for his master, Umayyah ibn Khalaf. Through hard work, Bilal became recognised as a good slave and was entrusted with the keys to the Idols of Arabia.

However, racism and sociopolitical statutes of Arabia prevented Bilal from achieving a lofty position in society. In his book, Bilal ibn RabahMuhammad Abdul-Rauf states that Bilal "was of a handsome and impressive stature, dark brown complexion with sparkling eyes, a fine nose and bright skin. He was also gifted with a deep, melodious, resonant voice. He wore a beard which was thin on both cheeks. He was endowed with great wisdom and a sense of dignity and self esteem. When Muhammad announced his prophethood and started to preach the message of IslamBilal renounced idol worship, becoming one of the earliest converts to the faith.

When Bilal's slave master, Umayyah ibn Khalaf, found out, he began to torture Bilal. When Bilal still refused to recant, Umayyah ordered that a hot boulder be placed on Bilal's chest.

Muhammad sent Abu Bakr to negotiate for the emancipation of Bilal, who manumitted him after either purchasing him or exchanging him for a non-Muslim slave. Bilal rose to prominence in the Islamic State of Medina, as Muhammad appointed him minister of the Bayt al-Mal treasury.

gia bilal death

Muhammad chose Bilal as the first mu'azzin reciter of the Adhan. Sunnis believed that Muhammad specifically chose Bilal to become the Mu'azzin caller to prayer of Islam. He personally taught Bilal how to call the Muslims to prayer.

Shias, on the other hand, do not accept Abdullah ibn Ziyad's story. He participated in the Battle of Badr. After Muhammad died in AD, Bilal was one of the people who did not give bay'ah the oath of allegiance to Abu Bakr. But I am not going to pay allegiance to a person whom the Messenger of God had not appointed as his caliph.

Bilal Saeed

Abu Bakr then let him go. Purnam Allahabadia Sufi poet whose works originated from the Mughal Empirecomposed a Qawwali in which he mentioned how time had stopped when some companions blocked Bilal from delivering the Adhan which he had seen in his dreamand appealed that it was incorrect.

A hadith of Muhammad reports that he said, "The 'seen' of Bilal is 'sheen' in the hearing of Allah," meaning God does not look at the external but appreciates the purity of heart.

Some said he died in Medina, but that is wrong. That is how it is in al-Isabah and other works such as the Tahdhib of an-Nawawi. When Bilal's wife realized that death was approaching Bilal, she became sorrowful. Tomorrow I will meet my beloved Muhammad and his host hizb! Though there are some disagreements concerning the hard facts of Bilal's life and death, his importance on a number of levels is incontestable. Mu'azzins, especially those in Turkey and Africahave traditionally venerated the original practitioner of their profession.

The story of Bilal is the most frequently cited demonstration of Islam's views of measure people not by their nationality nor social status nor race, but measuring people by their Taqwah piety.One name, three letters: Gia. The name alone was enough to rock the eyes and ears of the fashion industry in the late '70s and '80s. Gia Carangi, born and raised in Philadelphia, is often referred to as the first supermodel of our time -- posing for Vogue and Cosmopolitan long before the Cindy Crawfords or even the new generation of Kendall Jenners.

In fact, there is a reason why Cindy Crawford was called "baby Gia. These photographers were searching for the likeness of the notorious "it" girl. Gia was born on January 29, Her parents were Joseph Carangi and Kathleen Carangi; she was the youngest of three children. Gia grew up in a hostile environment at a young age, having witnessed the violent relationship of her parents Carangi's mom eventually left her husband and kidsand many believe this was the reason she sought the comfort of drugs, primarily heroin, later in life.

But by the time she was 17 years old, Gia was a force to be reckoned with. Her dark hair and eyes and distinctive looks set her apart from the generic blonde-haired, blue-eyed peers who she took photos with -- not to mention that her straightforward, working-class, even crass attitude charmed fashion gods and gatekeepers, such as Versace, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Unfortunately, her glamorous Cinderella story would soon become a Greek tragedy, as she tried overcoming her heroin addiction during many stages in her burgeoning career. She was one of the first well-known cisgender women to be diagnosed with AIDS in the '80s. Back then, people thought that only gay men could contract the virus. In fact, people thought lesbians or queer women didn't contract HIV -- and it's well known that Carangi primarily dated and pursued relationships with women.

This is why many activists have wanted to do away with sexual identities as risk categories defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and move toward talking about specific sexual acts as potential drivers of HIV transmission.

In the s and '80s, injection drug use was still a major driver of HIV rates before efforts to create syringe exchange programs and education programs for drug users. And the role the federal government played in refusing to spend funds for programs to keep drug users from contracting HIV can't be overstated.

So people like Carangi, who could potentially have been kept safe by knowing about the risk of sharing needles, were put at risk due to federal policies more than their own undoing. Like many people who become addicted to drugs, many of her friends and colleagues say that it was the early trauma Carangi experienced that fueled her depression and use. Her experiences with addiction are not that different from other people's stories, but her addiction was likely amplified due to the fact that she had access to money and celebrity that made it easier to get lots of drugs, for a time.

She graced the covers of French, U. And when she stopped showing up for booked photoshoots or became problematic on sets, her unique bluntness became a liability for her career. Francesco Scavullo -- one of the leading fashion photographers at the time -- sought after Gia, even after the beginning of her demise. According to Scavullo ," there was something she had … no other girl [had] it.

His words reveal the gift that Gia possessed: "She had the perfect body for modeling: perfect eyes, mouth, hair," shared Scavullo.

By then, she was heavily addicted to heroin, and her hands had blisters and sores from the punctures from the needles she would use. Scavullo says he had to hide her hands with a big, puffy dress and photograph her at an angle where her body parts would not show as much as her face would.

Even in all the chaos, Gia's magic was still present in the photos he took. But eventually, she fell out of favor and spent the last few years of her life feeding her addiction by working odd jobs, including sex work, in and around Atlantic City, New Jersey. Her death caused such a stir in mainstream culture that even now inshe still isn't widely remembered, and her legacy in fashion is largely buried. But attempts have been made. Jolie's performance won her a Golden Globe, and her words about the woman's life she played help clarify the way many people felt about Carangi's impact on the fashion world.On the surface, Gia Carangi seemed to have it all.

In the late 70s and 80s, Carangi owned the spotlight and had droves of adoring fans. This would be her undoing. Flickr A young Gia. Gia Marie Carangi was born on Jan.

Bilal (American singer)

Her mother, Kathleen Carangi, was a homemaker. Those close to Carangi, including herself, have admitted that this divorce had a lasting impact on her attitude.

Her two brothers, both older than her, moved out and lived with their mom while Carangi stayed with her father. She spent her summers behind his counter, attending concerts like your run-of-the-mill high schooler. Before Carangi knew it, she was the talk of New York. I just sort of became one. Carangi signed with Wilhelmina Cooper, legendary fashion agent and owner of her own modeling agency. Wilhelmina became a kind of mother figure to Carangi.

gia bilal death

She had the perfect body for modeling: perfect eyes, mouth, hair. Her androgynous look was in part due to her sexuality. Described in some instances as aggressive and others as vulnerable, Carangi seemed to have a need to be loved — and mostly by women.

On a shoot for photographer Chris von Wangenheim, which would become wildly popular, Carangi posed nude up against a fence with makeup artist and model Sandy Linter.

Wikimedia Commons Francesco Scavullo, a noted fashion photographer who frequently worked with Gia Carangi. Indeed, Gia Carangi appeared insatiable both in her love life and in her recreational drug use. As a teen, she was already hooked on marijuana, cocaine, and quaaludes. But Gia Carangi remained hard to control.

Abu Jahal ( Umar Bin Hasham ) Ke Ibratnak Mout Kaysay Hoi?

Though it was her edgy attitude that drew people to her, Carangi was also tough to work with. Carangi would chow down on barbecue chicken while wearing a dress worth thousands of dollars. She was also transparent about her drug use, discussing it openly in interviews and partying often with other stars and socialites at Studio But there was also a deep loneliness in her, returning to her apartment alone after work, and constantly searching for love.MuslimMatters has been a free service to the community since The Prophet SAW has taught us the best of deeds are those that done consistently, even if they are small.

Set it and collect blessings from Allah swt for the khayr you're supporting without thinking about it. This man is truly great.

gia bilal death

He has spent most of his adult inviting people to the Oneness of God. He has done much charitable work. Anyone that works tirelessly for the truth gets a lot of hostility. And Allah has tested him a lot. I used to live in Dubai. He was even told to leave Dubai by the authorities as he spoke against against the banking, drinking of alcohol, clubbing and prostitution that went on and still goes on in Dubai.

Before this my beliefs were full of shirk associating partners with God. All the mosques there would give the Friday Sermon in Arabic.

He was also the first islamic speaker that I encountered that explained the wisdom behind the rituals performed in Islam. I love this man. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of years ago in Abu Huraira mosque in Toronto. He had come to Canada to renew his passport, but the authorities were delaying it. May Allah provide relief for him and his family and to all people of the world that are treated unjustly.

I ask Allah to open doors for all the people of the world who are oppressed. And May Allah save us from being an oppressor, whether to our wives, kids, families, friends, co workers or people we come across in our everyday dealings. It is not surprising that the western media is after you and falsely placing allegations on you.

May Allah secure you and make your affairs easy. Jazakallah khair for releasing your side of story. It is quite disheartening to see our teachers demonized ,yet we call Allah for help.

The ulamaa Islamic teachers and scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets. None of the prophets had it easy during their dispensation. May Allah Grant All our Ulamaas the Inner strength of the Anbiyaa prophets to be able to endure all the persecutionsprosecutions ,blackmail ,allegations. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him mentioned in a Hadith about a decline in authentic Islamic scholars when the Qiyamah is near. I think now we all understand how this has come to be. May Allah give him strength and steadfastness to persevere.

He was obviously doing great work for people to want to silence him by such illegitimate means. May Allah make it easy for him. May Allah ease things for you br. Allah is with you, when your on Haqq …world has problems with that…thats our barometer!

May Allah continue to bless and protect our noble sheikh Bilal from the misguided mayor and haters of the religion of peace. Assalamu lay kum Sh.Herve Villechaize, the diminutive actor whose shout, "The plane! The plane! He was Villechaize, who left a note saying he was despondent over longtime health problems, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, his publicist David Brokaw said. Brokaw said Mr. Villechaize's companion, Kathy Self, discovered the actor at their house in the North Hollywood section shortly after the shooting.

Villechaize, who was 3 feet 11 inches tall, played Tattoo, the comical sidekick to Ricardo Montalban's Mr. Villechaize had a history of medical problems stemming from his undersized lungs and nearly died during a bout with pneumonia a year ago.

He also suffered from ulcers and a spastic colon. Began as Painter. Villechaize, a native of Paris, appeared on "Fantasy Island" from toleaving the series a year early after a salary dispute. In France, he had studied to be a painter, but turned to acting after moving to New York.

He was a supporting player on stage and in films during the 's and 's before obtaining a role in a "Fantasy Island" television movie in He was troubled by legal problems in recent years and did not find much work after leaving "Fantasy Island.

InMr. He had appeared recently in commercials for Dunkin' Donuts and Coors beer, as well as in an episode of the "Larry Sanders Show. Brokaw said. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Home Page World U.Struggling to cope with the pressures of her new career, Gia turned to heroin, and, despite kicking the habit a number of times and staging multiple comebacks, in she died of Aids -related complications at just In one, Gia was interviewed on an evening news show about the dark side of modelling and its ties to drugs.

Though Gia had a few trysts with men, she identified as a lesbian. And I could have done that with a German Shepherd. When she arrived in the city, Gia met with Wilhelmina Cooper, who was floored and signed her immediately.

Gia embodied the contrast that the fashion industry craved during that era — in a sea of blonde, blue-eyed, beautiful women, Gia had no filter, wore no make-up and took risks. Cooper became a mother figure to Gia, whose own mum abandoned her when she was just 11, so when she died in the model was devastated. The drug trend at that time shifted to heroin, which brought coke users down when they were too high.

Usually Gia snorted heroin, with the common understanding that people could only get addicted through needles — which was false. A generation of accidental junkies was born, of which Gia was a part.

Soon after, the track marks on her arms started showing in photos and only one photographer, Francesco Scavullorequested her for work. She garnered notoriety for scandalous stories like shooting up heroin in bathrooms during breaks, and on a Versace shoot with Richard Avedon she told everyone she was going out for cigarettes and never returned.

In Decemberthough, she was diagnosed with Aids and the following year, she passed away — becoming one of the first famous women to die of the disease.

No one in fashion knew of her death at the time, and so none of her colleagues and collaborators were at her funeral.

gia bilal death

You think, God, she didn't need drugs — she was a drug. Dazed media sites. Fashion Feature. Subscribe to the Dazed newsletter. I would like to receive the Dazed Digital newsletter.